Sunday, 21 June 2015

Oscar's quilt

Oscar's Quilt

My favourite part of my #everybabygetsaquilt project is 1. every baby gets a quilt and 2. I get to watch every baby with a quilt grow up with their quilt.  Case in point, Oscar B.

This is Oscar's quilt, made from a pattern in Quilty Magazine called Stamped by Ellen Luckett Baker of The Long Thread.  I made it as a scrap quilt, with a grey background. The geometric design required precision, which therefore required patience.

When it was done, I went a bit bonkers with the whole echo/matchstick quilting thing:

But it turned out ok.

 When Oscar B was freshly hatched, the quilt came in handy for strolls in the pram, and most importantly, sleepy time.


And now Oscar B is even more grown up, and the quilt makes a great picnic rug.    

 Yay Oscar B! x

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