Sunday, 26 April 2015

Maeve's quilt

Maeve's quilt

Sometimes quilt-making is about the long luxurious process of planning, dreaming, creating and taking one's time to lovingly produce a unique masterpiece.  

And sometimes, it's about getting sh!t done.  

With 3 of the 4 babies of my current #everybabygetsaquilt project already born, and the deadline for entries at the Australian  Modern Quilt Show fast approaching, I had to pull out all the stops and make an entire quilt, from go to woah this weekend.  

For Maeve.  

The start of my weekend looked like this.

Armed with a stash of Ink & Spindle fabrics, I set to work.  
Looking at this scrumptious pile of fabric, there's a fine line between being excited and being overwhelmed.  I simply start by sewing two pieces of fabric together.  Any two pieces. And then another two pieces, and so on.

Once she was all pieced, I used an oatmeal coloured cotton/linen blend backing and the binding is by Umbrella Prints.

I quilted it on my domestic sewing machine with a straight line walking foot.  And then to add some bling / practice my free motion quilting skills I did some feature work to enhance some of Ink & Spindle's beautiful designs.  (The Bernina Stitch Regulator will not defeat me.)  


So Maeve's quilt is done and dusted!  In a weekend.
Maeve may have to wait just a little longer, as her quilt is going to be entered to exhibit at the Modern Quilt Show at the end of next month, but after that Maeve, it's all yours!

The end of my weekend looked like this. 

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