Monday, 10 November 2014


Photo: Neil Storer. Respect.

I made a quilt.  It started out like any other.

While visiting the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham in 2012, I bought a pack of some stunning fabrics from Oakshott Fabrics, and they came home with me, and sat in my stash.  
A year or so later, I discovered Jacquie Gering and Katie Pedersen's fantastic book Quilting Modern: techniques and projects for improvisational quilts and my quilts were becoming more modern in design.  And I thought these lovely fabrics would make great wonky log cabins.  

Quilting Modern: techniques and projects for improvisational quilts (Gering & Pedersen)

The wonky log cabin is ‘built’ the same way as a traditional log cabin block, but you start with a four-sided piece with four different angles.   And just go from there, adding the 'logs' each time with wonky angles.  I put these blocks together quite quickly, and really enjoyed the experimentation and freedom of designing as I went.

To piece it together I chose two fabrics from Kaffe Fasset's shot cotton range, and made a couple of two tone cabins and assembled the offset the cabins with a larger, assemetrical border.

And I made the obligatory pieced back with the leftover fabrics.                                                                                           

And then I matchstick quilted it on my domestic sewing machine.  Reader, understand. This quilt is a beast of epic proportions, about 2m x 2m, and I thought the best plan of attack would be to stitch quarter inch lines across the whole thing.  


Anyway, in the end it looked like this:

See?  So big it doesn't even fit on the clothesline.

As a long-time quilt maker, first-time quilt competition entrant, I submitted my beloved quilt in for judging to the Royal Melbourne Show craft competition with much trepidation. Imagine my surprise (and delight) when I found out it won first place in its category (machine pieced, machine quilted).

Started out like any other quilt, ended up quite unlike any quilt I'd made before.  

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