Tuesday, 11 March 2014

The baby burrito

happy customer
Maze and Vale make divine fabric that is handprinted and yummy.  I tend to purchase it in small panels, a few at a time, and stockpile it for the perfect occasion when it is called for, such as a BABY! #everybabygetsaquilt

from freshly hatched baby...
This is a quilt I made for wee Amos.
I used one filler fabric along with a range of Maze and Vale, and pieced it together mash up/improv/make-it-up-as-you-go-along style.  It's quilted on my domestic sewing machine. 
... to baby burrito

I love watching babies grow up with quilts so it's lovely to see Amos just a few months later growing into the quilt, while he's still wee enough to be wrapped in it. Like a burrito. 
Maze and Vale

Sunday, 2 March 2014

Lara's Ink & Spindle quilt

I've been using gorgeous Ink and Spindle fabrics in my quilts for years. Lara and Teegs design and print fabric using sustainable methods creating luxury fabric to die for.   
I was honoured/terrified to be asked recently by a mutual friend to make a surprise quilt for Lara for her first baby.  Undertaking a covert operation with Teegs to procure the fabric, I also used some of my vintage I&S stash, which gives an eclectic mix of I&S fabric ranges over the years. 
with Beyonce wind machine effect
I pieced it entirely 'on the go' in a mash up style to showcase fabrics and make best use of itty-bitty scraps of valuable fabric.
It's been quilted on my Bernina with a mix of straight and wiggly stitches.  The backing is an oatmeal linen/cotton blend, and I used a bright orange Aurifil thread in the bobbin to give it a cheeky pop.
The binding comes from my beloved Liberty stash.  

Liberty binding